We thought Royal Enfield was being a little overly optimistic when it announced, back in June, 2020, that it was planning to launch a new motorcycle every quarter. At the time, we couldn’t help but snark the claim a bit. We were in the middle of a pandemic and the company kept having to delay the launch of the long-awaited Meteor 350. Granted, the circumstances were exceptional, but if a single bike was a challenge, four was going to be impossible.   

Thankfully, it seems like Enfield is catching up and is now on track to prove us wrong. It recently introduced the updated Himalayan equipped with the Tripper navigation system. We also know that the company has a couple of new bikes in the works, including the Hunter 350 and a 650-based cruiser.   

It looks like the cruiser isn’t the only 650 in the works. There could be two more twins following. A video shared by user Royal Bangalorean Raj shows the upcoming 650 cruiser strolling alongside two other mystery bikes. Are they the updated Continental and Interceptor or new motorcycles altogether? Here’s what we can tell from the video.   

Why do we think they’re new 650 bikes rather than existing models? The most obvious clue is the exhaust tips. There are two of them, which, based on the current Enfield bikes setup suggests the engine is a twin and not a single. The user also pointed out that the bikes were (apparently) comfortably cruising at 75-80 miles per hour.   

Both test mules are also fitted with blacked-out, straight peashooters which are different from the Continental and Interceptor’s upswept, chrome units.   

Plus, while we only catch a glimpse of the bikes, we can see that the ergonomics are different. The handlebars and saddles are taller, with the riders towering over the fuel tanks. Instead of the rider sitting low on the frame with the fuel tank between their knees, the riders on the two other bikes are sitting higher up, towering over the tanks. Both saddles are flatter, rather than curved down like on the cruiser.   

Mystery Royal Enfield Cruiser Test Mule
One of the first Royal Enfield cruiser sightings.

Unlike the current 650s, the rear turn signals are separate from the taillight, which is round in this case, and positioned lower on the shorter fenders. The last of the three test mules also features a crash bar at the front.   

According to the Indian publication Bike Wale that first shared the video, the two bikes could potentially be 650 versions of the Classic and Meteor. We’ll likely find out more about the new test mules in the upcoming months or weeks as we can expect more spy shots to surface.   

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