Kawasaki’s Ninja 250 is known for its quick, lightweight handling and manageable powerband. For that reason, most enthusiasts associate the quarter-liter screamer with nimble sport riding, not off-road excursions. Despite that perception, ’s Brilliant Custom turned a Ninja 250 into a retro-styled scrambler.

After stripping the sportbike of its fairings, fenders, and front end, the build team slapped on a new USD fork and round LED headlight. The retro aesthetic extends to the shortened front fender and circular instrument cluster. A new tank painted in a red-white-black color scheme and a tuck and roll leather bench seat also contribute to the scrambler theme.


To rid the Ninja of its sporting roots, a set of wire-spoked wheels step in for the cast aluminum wheelset. Knobby tires impart a rugged attitude, but we seriously doubt the build’s dirt credibility due to the lack of a skid plate. The low-slung pipes also hint at the “scramblers” limitations but at least it gains and SC-Project exhaust can. Wave rotors help improve braking at the front and the rear disc remains stock, further evidence of the build’s road bias.


To achieve the old-school look, Brilliant Custom had to abandon the monoshock rear suspension and employ a dual shock setup. The circular mirrors and taillight also harken back to the scrambler’s heyday but the LED lighting brings things up to date. In the cockpit, a set of classic handlebars replace the Ninja 250’s clip-ons and a retro fuel cap is the cherry on top.

Thanks to the liquid-cooled 249cc parallel twin, the custom scrambler will pump out 38 horsepower and 17 ft-lb of torque. The six-speed transmission and slipper clutch should also deliver modern convenience under the scrambler exterior. Yes, the Ninja is known for its speed and agility, but Brilliant Custom’s build proves it can also be a master of disguise.

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