India is no stranger to new entrants in the electric scooter scene. Several startup specializing solely in the development and production electric two wheelers have innovated the entry level scooter game in the market. This time round, we have a new scooter not from an EV company, but rather a company that's known for producing mobile phones and other gadgets. 

Detel, known in India for gadgets like the D1 Guru mobile phone, has launched a new scooter dubbed the Easy Plus. Expected to launch in April of this year, the Detel Easy Plus scooter has been designed with urban mobility in mind. It employs an extremely barebones design, similar to what scooters of the day used to do, albeit in a more environmentally sustainable package. Going into more detail, the Detel Easy Plus scooter is equipped with a 350-watt hub motor which draws power from a 20Ah lithium-ion battery. A full charge of the battery is said to provide a total range of 60 kilometers—pretty impressive considering the scooter's size. 

So, what happens if you get carried away onboard this cute little scooter, and exceed the range provided by the electric motor? No worries, just pedal your way back home as it is in fact, a moped in the truest sense of the word. Top speed when running on electric juice is pegged at 25 kilometers per hour. On the other hand, the top speed when propelled by leg power would pretty much depend on the strength of your legs and lungs. 

Moving on, the Detel Easy Plus scooter gets a standard telescopic front fork, and a twin rear-shock absorber setup. It features an impressive load capacity of 150 kg, meaning heavier folks won't have an issue riding this little scoot. That also means it's possible to fit two small adults on the saddle. When launched in the coming months, the Detel Easy Plus scooter is expected to retail for around Rs 60,000, or the equivalent of $823 USD.

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