Yamaha first introduced the E01 electric-scooter concept at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. While that feels like a lifetime ago, Team Blue continued developing the new platform over the past 16 months. A recent European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) filing for the E01 model name proves as much and the trademark is currently under review.

Submitted by Yamaha on February 5, 2021, and published on February 15, 2021, the EUIPO will allow objections to the potential trademark for a period of three months. If everything runs smoothly, Iwata will be able to use the E01 nameplate on “electric motorcycles and parts and fittings thereof” from May 17, 2021, and onward.

While the filing makes its way through the proper channels, Yamaha has remained tight-lipped on the upcoming e-scooter. However, we do anticipate an air-cooled, brushless DC motor and a non-swappable lithium-ion battery. We also expect low-profile LED headlights similar to the R1’s lighting and a fascia-mounted charging port.

Gallery: Yamaha E01 Concept

The latest renderings don’t seem to be road-legal just yet, though. The undersized mirrors and the fishtail attached to the license hanger definitely wouldn’t meet today's standards. Of course, those are easy fixes and shouldn’t hold up the project’s accelerating pace. Once the trademarks are obtained and regulations are met, Yamaha will position the E01 as an urban commuter with power comparable to a 125cc .

With brands like KTM, Aprilia, and BMW presenting e-scooter concepts and developing new platforms, Yamaha is picking up speed at the perfect time. Yes, it will still take considerable time for the all-new electric scooter to hit the market, but it’s good to see that Yamaha is making strides after the Tokyo Motor Show unveiling.

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