We know that KTM has been hard at work on an electric mobility platform—likely to be shared across its brands, and with its partner, Bajaj—since at least June, 2019. By November, 2019, it seemed that the Austrians might introduce a vehicle based on the electric Bajaj Chetak scooter as the first representative of this platform.  

Fast forward to July 2020, and that no longer appears to be the case. German publication Motorrad Magazine broke the news that KTM announced a new project called EMotion in July, 2020. For this electromobility project, KTM is working with no less than 11 industrial and scientific partners to develop cleaner, greener solutions as part of its vision for the future of mobility. 

Starting in March, 2020, KTM and its partners embarked on a 36 month mission to create a modular, scalable electric drive train and battery architecture. Kiska Designs came up with the concept sketch you can see, which illustrates a wholly different scooter or moped design than the electric Chetak we’ve previously seen.  

One area of focus will be closing the gap between e-mopeds and e-scooters/motorcycles. While e-mopeds can be useful in extremely tight, small urban environments, they’re not very practical for broader uses because of their slow speeds and limited range. KTM is interested in exploring ways to fill the gap between these two worlds, making lightweight, efficient, practical mobility solutions more accessible to all.  

Two partners in the EMotion project, Salzburg Research and the Wurzburg Institute for Traffic Sciences, are currently surveying users about attitudes toward electric mobility. If you’re interested in assisting with their research, you can find both German and English versions of the survey form here. The two firms will also be organizing an eight-month field test where some users get to evaluate the two-wheelers developed as a result of this project and give their feedback.  

Concept drawing by Kiska GmbH 

Sources: MotorradSalzburg Research 

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