After a week of hype and countless video teasers, Suzuki unveiled the 2022 Hayabusa. While Suzuki opted for evolution over revolution, the new 'Busa did receive much-needed revisions under those bulbous fairings. For instance, all of the engine’s internal moving parts were updated, the ride by wire system features 3 preset ride modes and 3 customizable modes, and there’s even an active speed limiter (so ‘Busa Boyz keep their licenses).

New options like hill hold assist, launch control, 10 levels of traction control, and adjustable engine braking truly modernize the aging falcon, but some of us still expected more from the House of Hamamatsu. Of course, Suzuki experimented with different approaches over its decade of development and a recent video published on the brand’s YouTube channel reveals the breadth of those tests.


One of the most notable developments was Suzuki’s engine studies. The team tested six-cylinder powerplants, mills, and even tweaked the current 's displacement. In the end, the engineers chose to revise the current package, so one can only dream of a lowered and stretched six-cylinder monster. An entire subculture of the Hayabusa community also missed out, as a Turbo ‘Busa direct from the factory would certainly please the fanatics.

Instead of disrupting the model’s hard-earned following, the brand stuck with its original formula. Citing focus group studies, Suzuki determined that Hayabusa lovers didn’t want the model to “change just for the sake of change”. Sure, the new Busa boasts an extruded frame, LED lighting, and slightly sharpened design language, but it isn’t the revolutionary bike it could have been. In the end, we only have ourselves, the customers, to blame.

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