If you’re a fan of Honda’s Africa Twin and you love the 2020 update, maybe you came to the same conclusion as Sabrina did. “Why change a good thing?” she asked in her review. “To make it better,” she concluded. Now, it seems, Honda is doing the same thing again—at least, if you have an Android smartphone. 

Honda Motor Europe announced that owners of both the Africa Twin and Africa Twin ‘Adventure Sports’ models will soon be able to have Android Auto installed via an update through their local Honda dealer. For those unfamiliar, AA allows Android phone users to access handy things like Google Maps, as well as your music, messaging, and other media apps hands-free. Voice commands and your Africa Twin’s dash help you navigate and operate everything safely and in a snap. 

This isn’t Honda’s first Android Auto integration on one of its late-model motorcycles. Back in July, 2020, that honor went to 2018 and newer Gold Wings. The way Honda Motor Europe is rolling the CRF1100L Android Auto update out is a little different from that, though. 

When Honda rolled out the Gold Wing Android Auto update, it also provided detailed instructions for owners to install the update themselves using a USB flash drive. However, if you already have an Africa Twin, you’ll need to contact your local Honda dealer and arrange a time to physically go there with your bike to have this update installed.  

Apple CarPlay integration comes standard on 2021 Africa Twins, and Android Auto will soon join the ranks of standard features from the factory, as well. Unfortunately, Honda Motor Europe hasn’t given specifics about which model years can accept Android Auto updates retroactively.  

If you’re interested, you’ll need to contact your local Honda dealer to find out more. It’s also worth noting that so far, no other regional Honda subsidiary has mentioned Android Auto rollout for Africa Twins. It would be surprising if it doesn’t become available globally in the very near-future, but if you’re chatting with Honda dealers outside of Europe, please keep that in mind. 

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