Moto commuting is great, and if you already do it, you probably don’t need me to tell you so. The thing is, it also involves carrying stuff with you. Whether your everyday carry is work- or school-related, you almost always need to travel with more items than you might do if you were just riding for fun. 

Your wallet and phone might fit in your pockets, but what about everything else? If you have panniers, a top box, or a scooter with under-seat storage, problem solved. For everyone else, backpacks and messenger bags are also an option. But what if you totally hate wearing a bag while you ride? I mean, I’ll do it if I have to, but it’s definitely something I’d rather avoid unless it’s absolutely necessary. 

That’s where Singapore-based Rock Ready Engineering comes in. These riders and designers banded together to create the Expedition 36L backpack, which conveniently mounts on the pillion seat or parcel rack of most motorcycles. Featuring thoughtful compartmentalization to keep your stuff secure, as well as padded backpack straps that neatly fold away for your ride, this design was clearly made with commuters in mind. 

Rock Ready Engineering Expedition 36L - Compartments
Rock Ready Engineering Expedition 36L - Laptop Compartment

The exterior features 600D nylon and CSM Hypalon panels, while a waterproof lining blankets the interior. YKK Aquaseal zippers complete the weather-protective outside layer. Unzip them and you’ll find a laptop compartment with neoprene lining, a main compartment that can fit a full-face helmet, and a nice mesh roll organizer to keep all your small everyday carry items nice and tidy. Aluminum g-hooks with visible tabs make it easy and quick to mount and dismount this pack from your bike. It also comes with straps to secure the bag to your bike. 

Gallery: Rock Ready Engineering Expedition 36L Commuter Backpack Kickstarter

If all this looks and sounds like something you’re interested in, the Rock Ready Engineering Kickstarter for the Expedition 36L pack is currently live as of February 2, 2021. At the time of writing, it’s reached $2,890 in funding, out of a goal of $18,780. It will only be funded if it reaches this goal by March 7, 2021. To fund at a level where an Expedition 36L pack is a perk will cost you $150 in Singapore dollars, which is about $113 in the U.S. That includes shipping anywhere in the world.  

Rock Ready Engineering also provided a timeline on its Kickstarter. If all goes according to plan, orders should start shipping out to backers toward the end of June, 2021. Naturally, it’s a) a crowdfunded item, and b) a global pandemic, so delays and the possibility of other setbacks go with the territory. The prototype looks promising, but there’s a lot of ground to cover between prototyping and final delivery to (hopefully) happy customers. We hope it’s everything it’s cracked up to be, for sure.


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