Design contests aren’t rare in the motorcycling industry. Under the guise of a customization competition, manufacturers commonly use the marketing ploy to illustrate the personalizing possibilities of a particular model. Prime examples are Ducati’s Custom Rumble contest and Yamaha’s Yard Built series. The latter took its showdown a step further last year by including the Yamaha faithful in the process. The company called for fan-made designs and chose four winning mock-ups for professional motorcycle builders to realize.

With Royal Enfield on a media blitz for its new Meteor 350, there’s no better way to exhibit the model’s versatility than the Build Your Own Legend design contest. Under the new initiative, the Chennai-based company opened calls for brand enthusiasts to submit ideas, illustrations, and renderings of the new small-capacity cruiser. Once the designs are collected, the Royal Enfield, Pro, and Public jury panels will help determine three finalists.

Royal Enfield Build Your Own Legend - Night

“The campaign is aimed at giving the riding community an opportunity to express their love for the machines,” said Royal Enfield’s Custom Program Head Adrian Sellers. “We look forward to enabling motorcycling enthusiasts with a perfect opportunity to bring alive their ideas and dreams in form of self-expression via motorcycle customization”

Winners will earn a trip to Royal Enfield’s India Tech Center in Chennai to collaborate with the brand’s Industrial Design Team. The designers will help refine the final drawings before each finalist pairs up with a custom motorcycle builder. All work will be completed in India and the finished product will be revealed in a matter of months.

With its timeless lines and even proportions, the Meteor 350 certainly lends itself to countless eras and aesthetics. We just can’t wait to see what fans create. We’ve seen our fair share of custom Royal Enfields over the years, and if the Build Your Own Legend competition comes anywhere near those, we’re in for a treat.

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