Update: If like us you were hoping for the new Norden to show up on February 3, we're sorry to disappoint. It looks like we're getting an entry-level Svartpilen after all. The brand's international website was recently updated to include a link to the teaser. 

The video posted on Husqvarna's channel on January 26, 2021, (but unlisted), very obviously showcases a Svartpilen which seems to confirm the theory of a new, small-displacement 'Pilen. A glimpse of the straight handlebar confirms that we're in fact looking at a Svart and not at a Vitpilen, which uses clip-ons.

Husqvarna New Motorcycle Teaser Image

We're assuming we're getting a downsized version of the model based on the clip's city setting. Just like the teaser image up on Husqvarna's website suggests, the urban and skateboarding imagery points to a commute and even beginner-friendly bike. 

The exact displacement remains a mystery, though the 125cc engine has become the most plausible theory, considering the European media recently put a Svartpilen 125 to the test. 

Interestingly, the teaser image has since dropped off the U.S. and Canadian sites, so, the thought of a 200cc Swedish arrow seems far less likely at this point. 

Original story follows. 

Just like KTM did before introducing the new 1290 Super Adventure S, sister company Husqvarna decided to play the image teaser game as well. The Swedish company quietly added an image to its website slider, complete with a countdown leading up to February 3, 2021, and a pair of vague quotes. There’s a new Husky coming, but what could it be?   

The picture’s urban setting could suggest that the upcoming new bike is a commute-oriented model. In that realm, the Husqvarna Svartpilen 125 would be a plausible candidate. French publication Le Repaire des Motards recently shared its first impressions of the baby Svart after taking the prototype out for a ride.   

While we know the 125 Duke’s Swedish twin is coming to Europe soon-ish, we don’t know for sure that it’ll cross the pond. The smallest Duke hasn’t.   

What we do have here, however, is the 200 Duke, and back in August, 2020, we documented spy shots of a ‘Pilen 200. Considering the teaser image is showcased on Husqvarna’s North America (both U.S. and Canada, we checked), this means we should expect the new bike to launch here as well. So, the 200cc, road-ready Huskies are also serious contenders.   

When it comes to the text featured on the image, however, we’re getting a bit of a different vibe. The two bits of sentences read “Ride your own road.” and at the very bottom, we have “Go where few have.”  

Does that scream “adventure” for you? It screams adventure for us. See, Husqvarna also put a few journos in the saddle of the Norden 901 prototypes. British site Motorcycle News was one of the few publications that got to review the bike and based on the information it shared, the first Swedish adventurer is expected in the lineup for 2022.   

This means the bike will likely become available later in the year, but that doesn’t mean Husqvarna won’t unveil it earlier than that. After all, Kawasaki already got the 2022 ball rolling with the introduction of the new KLR650, so, it wouldn’t be impossible for Husqvarna to follow suit.   

Plus, we recently suggested that the delay could stem from the fact that KTM/Husqvarna wanted to equip the new model with the company’s first adaptive cruise control based on patented renders of a radar-equipped Norden. KTM’s ACC was still in development at the time, but it isn’t anymore. KTM introduced the new 1290 Super Adventure with standard ACC on January 26, 2021, which now opens the door for other models to follow, including the Norden.   

We’re only speculating at this point since, truth be told, we’re not sure what Husqvarna has in the works—or at least what is ready to launch in February. We marked our calendar, so we’ll report back once we know more! What is your guess? 

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