Husqvarna first entered the Indian market with its Vitpilen and Svartpilen 250s. A new spy photo making the rounds on Whatsapp groups, and first reported by 91 Wheels, points to slightly smaller-displacement Huskies on the way. The shot was captured on a road in Pune, Maharashtra, India, and seems to depict the Svartpilen setup.  

Husqvarna is just one leg in the tripod of brands that makes up Pierer Mobility AG, along with KTM and GasGas. Sharing components across brands is just part of how the company functions, and there’s already a perfectly good 200cc engine powering both the KTM 200 Duke and the KTM RC 200. That’s more than likely what will power these new 200cc Huskies, as well.  


The engine in question is a four-stroke, single-cylinder unit that makes a claimed 26 horsepower. Specifics of suspension, brakes, ergonomics, and all else will likely differ, but the 200 Duke does also come with single-channel ABS. Offering single or dual-channel ABS seems to come as part of the bargain for most BS6-compliant models, so that will likely be the case for the 200cc –Pilens, as well. Styling should be in line with the 250cc Vitpilen and Svartpilen models that were introduced in India in December 2019. 

Husqvarna hasn’t made any official announcements yet about either 200cc model, nor when it might be expected in showrooms across India. Publications including GaadiWaadi speculate that since the industry is going through a rough 2020, perhaps one model will make its debut in 2020, with the other holding off until 2021.  

At this point, all that seems clear is that Husky is testing 200cc versions, and that they’ll use the existing Pierer 200cc engine. Everything else is extrapolation and speculation. Could we potentially see 125cc Husky Vitpilen and Svartpilen variants in the future, since those engines already exist in the KTM lineup? That likely depends on how well the 250 and 200cc versions do, and whether Pierer determines that the market is there to support them.  

Sources: GaadiWaadi91 Wheels 

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