Do you adore your Husqvarna off-road bike but just wish you had a little better visibility from that headlight? If that’s you, then your favorite Swedish moto brand has good news. It probably won’t help you if you’re rolling an older model, but modern Husky owners may be able to take advantage of a new upgrade that’s available now at your local Husky dealer as an official Husqvarna Motorcycles Technical Accessory.  

If your ride is currently a TE, FE, or TX model Husky, the brand-new LED headlight should fit your application. This new, much brighter unit should slot right into the original headlight mask on all those bikes, as a simple swap that shouldn’t take you very long to do yourself. Should you have any questions, your local authorized Husky dealer should be able to offer you a hand.  

The new LED light has an output of 1,500 Lumens, and color temperature is 5,500 Kelvin. According to LED lighting website Integral LED, that color temp is solidly in the daylight range. Obviously, that’s not what you want if you’re trying to be stealthy, but if you’re just out having a nice day riding and you completely lose track of time, you won’t have to worry about not being able to see very well once the sun goes down. Visibility is absolutely a safety concern, so that sounds like a pretty nice, simple, and practical upgrade option to us.  

Husqvarna Motorcycles LED Headlight

If you’re worried whether this light can withstand all the abuse you’re likely about to throw at it, it’s apparently been put through the wringer by the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Team in the WESS Enduro Championship. If it can stand up to that kind of a beating, it’s probably ready for all the adventures that non-WESS Enduro Championship competitors can throw at it.  

Pricing and availability will vary by country and locality, according to Husqvarna, so you may want to contact your local dealer to find out more. 

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