Something interesting is brewing in the electric motorcycle sphere in Italy. Two EV specialists have joined forces, and we could soon see some exciting electric motorcycles as a result. Tazzari GL Imola SPA, the mother company of what is more commonly known as Tazzari EV, is known for developing and producing electric cars. Their most popular vehicle by far is the Tazzari Zero, an electric city car available in multiple markets across the globe. 

Now, Tazzari EV has acquired fellow Italian EV specialist, Italian Volt, to jumpstart their expansion into the world of electric motorcycles. Italian Volt specializes in the design and development of innovative electric motorcycles with their first and most popular electric motorcycle concept, the Lacama. Although not yet an existing production motorcycle, the Lacama is characterized by its customizability. In fact, Italian Volt is calling it the first custom electric motorcycle. Indeed, at a glance you can see just how trick the Lacama looks. Hopefully, this stunning motorcycle could come into fruition as a result of the acquisition.

As of the moment, Tazzari EV has already transferred all of Italian Volt's corporate assets to their factory in Imola. This is the same place where the Tazzari Zero electric cars are currently being produced. In a report by The PACK, Erik Tazzari, founder of Tazzari EV, expressed his excitement towards the acquisition. "Thanks to this acquisition, Tazzari Group expands its range of electric vehicles, entering the two-wheeler sector and bringing new products to the Italian Motor Valley with high technological content and zero emissions."

With Tazzari EV taking the helm of the Lacama project, Erik Tazzari stated that it is among their goals to bring the Lacama project to the next stage of final development, and eventually production and release into the global stage. Tazzari EV has an extensive 15 years of experience in the development of electric vehicles. With the acquisition of Italian Volt, the company seeks to be a pioneer in both the electric automobile and motorcycle sectors. 

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