If you're in Australia and missed out on your opportunity to buy a Forcite helmet, fear not. The company has announced that it will be building a second run of helmets. Even better, you'll be able to buy one at a 10 percent discount.

Far too many smart helmets have turned out to be nothing more than vaporware. Forcite is not one of them. It began shipping helmets to customers in October 2020 and fulfilled about 700 of the first run of 1,000 right before shutting down for the holidays. Production has resumed, and Forcite is promising to deliver the last of these soon. Based on what we've seen so far, we believe them, and that they will be capable of delivering another batch of 300.

Starting February 1, 2021, Forcite will open up web sales for a special Pioneer Pack of 300 units. This pack includes the MK1 helmet itself, a Bluetooth controller, handlebar and tank mounting systems, spare camera shield, a visor (clear, dark smoke or iridium), two anti-fog inserts, a bag, a manual, and a free mobile app. This batch of helmets will have distinctive metallic silver logos, rather than the raw carbon fiber finish of the original run. This package will normally sell for $1,299 Australian (about $1,000 US freedom dollars), but this special run of 300 will be available for 10 percent off. 

So far, Forcite is only selling through its website, and only to Australian customers. Plans are afoot to begin selling through stores in the second half of the year, as well as to the US and Europe. For now, though, the company feels it wise to limit its initial user base in order to test and refine the system before mass production, particularly the software, as so much of the MK1 helmet's technology is software-driven. This also makes it easy to deploy fixes and upgrades to existing customers, so they can enjoy the same level of refinement as future customers.

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