Honda’s motorcycle lineup, particularly in the Asian market, is among the most diverse in the world. With models ranging from 100cc all the way up to 1,800cc, it goes without saying that there literally is a Honda out there for any kind of rider. As far as sportbikes are concerned, however, for those who find the CBR1000RR just a tad overbearing, Honda has a baby sportbike in the form of the CBR150R.

Now, in countries like Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines, the Honda CBR150R is an extremely popular motorcycle for those who want to strike a balance between fun and practicality. New for the 2021 model year, the Honda CBR150R—first launched in Indonesia—features a host of notable updates. For starters, it now gets a sharper, more sporty styling which clearly draws some inspiration from some of Honda’s bigger sportbikes. The bike’s redesigned fairings give the bike a striking appearance, making it hard to believe that underneath all the plastic lies a 150cc mill.

2021 Honda CBR150R Hero

Now, the updates to the baby sportbike go well beyond the surface, too. The new CBR150R is finally bestowed with Showa's SFF-BP separate function big-piston inverted forks. Finished in a sleek gold anodize, the forks add a subtle, yet striking dash of premium flair. Complementing the beefed up suspension is the addition of a slipper-assist clutch, which makes the bike more forgiving especially when accidentally making sloppy downshifts. Rounding up the technical updates is the integration of a new, fully digital LCD instrument panel which displays a host of important information such as fuel consumption, gear position, and all the necessary information for you to keep tabs of your ride.

As far as performance is concerned, the CBR150R retains its 149cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine. Rated at 17.1 ponies, this mill affords the baby CBR quite a bit of pep in its step, making it both fun and practical to ride on the daily. Featuring Honda’s PGM-Fi technology, the CBR150R is considerably efficient, further adding to its capability as a daily rider.

In Indonesia, the 2021 Honda CBR150R has been pegged at a starting price of 35.9 million Rupiah, or the equivalent of $2,550 USD. The top of the line variant which features a fancy livery will set you back 40.8 million Rupiah, or roughly $2,900 USD.

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