From time to time, all of us need to tow our motorcycles somewhere on a trailer or in a truck. A wheel chock helps tremendously for keeping the bike stable in transit, but most trucks and trailers don't have them. Black Widow's new Pro Chock provides a simple solution to this problem.

The Pro Chock is constructed from lightweight, high-strength aluminum and finished with protective rubber-capped ends. Adjustable from 43 to 108 inches in width, the sliding tension arms keep the chock braced against the sides of truck beds and trailers. The Pro Chock requires no drilling into truck beds or trailers due to the stable arm design. This means you can use it on whatever standard-issue Uhaul ramp trailer you can get your hands on since the motorcycle-specific trailers never seem to be available.

It's not just useful for hauling bikes in a truck or trailer, either. The arms also provide increased stability when used on garage or shop floors as a replacement for a wheel stand. This makes it easier to check your oil and other fluids with the bike level rather than having to hold it up yourself while checking.

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The Pro Chock’s wide adjustable base paired with the pivoting action of the front tire cradle eliminates the requirement for a second person to help the rider stabilize their bike while riding or walking it into the chock. The front cradle guides wheels into the tire stop with minimal side motion and has four size adjustments for 15 to 22-inch wheels. The front tire stop is adjustable with three height positions to fit any motorcycle wheel. The center post and tire cradle are removable for storage.

The Pro Chock's sliding tension arm also enables two chocks to interlock for side-by-side motorcycle use. If your truck or trailer is wide enough, the Pro Chock can handle two bikes instead of one for not much more money. Black Widow sells the single Pro Chock for $204.99, and an interlocking pair for $334.99.

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