It can be extremely convenient to lift your back wheel off the ground for maintenance. If your bike doesn't have a center stand you can usually use a wheel stand to do this. Motorcycles with single-sided swingarms, like some Ducatis, KTMs, and Triumphs, haven't had this luxury—until now. Tirox has introduced a version of its SnapJack wheel stand designed specifically to work for bikes with single-sided swingarms.

The SnapJack SS has a roller at the top that slides into the center of the wheel on the non-swingarm side. As the leg snaps into place, it lifts and holds the back wheel off the ground, balancing the bike between the SnapJack SS, the kickstand, and the front wheel. With the bike in neutral, this will allow you to spin the back wheel freely to clean the chain and perform other routine maintenance.

Of course, there are a number of safety considerations and advisories around using the SnapJack SS. Before propping up the bike, use the included strap to hold and maintain pressure on your front brake lever. This essentially turns it into a parking brake, preventing the bike from moving while on the stand. You also need to turn your handlebars all the way to the left for added stability. The SnapJack SS also comes with a non-skid pad to go between the stand and the ground, further ensuring that nothing will slip or slide while the bike is up in the air. The SnapJack SS has a pair of locking pins to prevent it from unfolding while in use.

The only disadvantage of the SnapJack SS is that it will not support the bike for rear wheel removal. Since the tool slides into the center of the wheel, it needs the wheel to be firmly attached to the bike in order to work.

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