Few motorcycle manufacturers have gained the mass appeal and iconic heritage of Honda's CB line of bikes. What could be considered as the company that made superbike performance more accessible to the masses in 1969 with the CB750 Four, Honda continues to have an extremely rich lineup of motorcycles bearing the iconic CB nameplate. In Japan, Honda has re-launched the iconic CB1300. 

The biggest and baddest of the inline-four UJMs, the CB1300 is equipped with a fuel-injected 1,284cc inline-four. Rated at a decent 111 horsepower, the CB1300 isn't built for sheer performance. Unlike its supersport counterparts, bikes like the CB1300 are meant to be capable all-rounders. This means the CB1300 can be a bike you could use to commute to work, and gobble up miles of highway and twisty roads on the weekends. At first glance, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the new Honda CB1300 is still the same as the iconic machine of the late 80s and early 90s. 

Honda CB1300 Super Bol D'Or, Right Profile
Honda CB1300 Super Bol D'Or

Just like the iconic machine, both iterations of the CB1300 have made a comeback: the Super Four and the Super Bol D'Or. The Super Four gets the iconic roadster aesthetic with a fuel tank, tail, and body panels shaped similarly to the iconic machines. On the other hand, the Super Bol D'Or gets a half fairing and an angular headlight that gives the bike more touring ability and protection from wind buffeting. Subsequently, both the Super Four and the Super Bol D'Or get standard and SP versions, with the latter featuring more premium color schemes. 

Honda CB1300 Super Four, Right Quarter
Honda CB1300 Super Four

Underneath the Super Four and Super Bol D'Or styling, the CB1300 features the same double cradle frame for both machines. The suspension system, albeit rudimentary, is adequate for city riding and the occasional spirited mountain ride. It's composed of standard telescopic forks and a mono-shock at the rear. As far as prices are concerned, the CB1300 Super Four is pegged at 1,562,000 Yen (around $15,000 USD), while its SP counterpart will set you back 1,936,000 Yen, or the ballpark of $19,000 USD. The Super Bol D'Or with its gorgeous fairing comes in at 1,672,000 Yen ($16,000 USD), while the SP comes with a sticker price of 2,046,000 Yen, or a hefty $20,000 USD.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of this gorgeous and iconic motorcycle making its way to American shores is next to zero. As has been the case for decades, majority of the Honda CB Super Four and Bol D'Or range have been JDM releases only. 

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