When you think of ideal hauling vehicles, surely one of the first categories that comes to mind is your trusty adventure bike. I mean, it’s rugged, tough, and built to go just about anywhere, right? Surely it can handle riding off into a cut-your-own tree lot and hauling home the perfect Christmas tree for your family!  

Ah, probably not, but isn’t it fun to try? Also, it makes for Internet gold. So, naturally, that’s what lifelong riding buddies and moto journalists Ari Henning and Zack Courts did for Revzilla’s Christmas vacation. Loading up a Honda Africa Twin 1100 and a Triumph Scrambler 1200 XE, they took off on a spirited ride through the Lake Tahoe area of California to spruce up their holidays.  

Californian riders, you see, have a much easier time in the winter than those of us in snowier, colder regions. It’s definitely a case where you know you’d do it too, if you could—but it’s still more than a little envy-inducing.  

Now, full disclosure, I’ve never hauled a live Christmas tree anywhere, via means practical or otherwise. With that in mind, I totally thought that surfboard rack was a great idea until I saw how low it held the ends of the tree in question. Perhaps a more seasoned live tree aficionado would have more quickly seen the fatal flaw in Zack’s plan. In any case, disheveled trees need love, too—and there’s nothing a whole bunch of tinsel, ornaments, and twinkly lights can’t fix, right? Right.  

If you had a silly bet with some friends, and you decided to haul a tree home to stand up for the holidays, what bike would you choose? Also, why? I’d think something with a sidecar would probably be an excellent choice, as long as you had a good way to secure your load. It’d also be a good place to store your chainsaw or other cutting implements! 

No matter how you’re celebrating, we at RideApart wish you warm, safe, and happy holidays. 


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