Royal Enfield undoubtedly hit the nail on the head when they unveiled their global models, the 650 Twins, two years ago. Despite having quite a few motorcycles in their repertoire prior to these two bikes, Royal Enfield back then were plagued with reliability issues and weren’t exactly the most efficient machine given the age of the technology these bikes employed.

At last, in 2018, Royal Enfield unveiled two motorcycles: the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650. Both of which were designed to retain Royal Enfield’s timeless design but bring the bikes into the twenty-first century in terms of technology. Of course, given these bikes’ classic styling, it goes without saying that they would instantly become favorites in the custom scene. Just a couple of years in the market, countless builds based on these two bikes have rolled out left and right—some of which lackluster, while others stand out from the woodwork.

Royal Enfield Hummingbird 650 Custom
Royal Enfield Hummingbird 650 Custom

The bike in question today is an example of the latter. Dubbed The Hummingbird 650, this sleek cruiser started life as a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. A slew of tasteful modifications transformed the already gorgeous classic bike into a cruiser guaranteed to turn heads. At a glance, it’s obvious to see that this bike has been lowered, and its wheelbase stretched to give the bike a low and sleek aesthetic. Everything from the bike’s custom LED headlights, to the revised ergonomics were duly given attention to make this custom build truly one of a kind.

A custom hand fabricated fuel tank was crafted for this machine—giving the bike a wider, more stocky aesthetic. The seat has been lowered and the footpegs repositioned in a forward configuration give the bike a more laid back ergonomic resulting in both a comfortable and good looking machine. 

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