When will the price hikes stop?

The Pulsar line of motorcycles from Bajaj has been extremely popular among motorcycle enthusiasts in the Indian market for nearly a decade now. This is because of the bike's extremely affordable price range, attractive styling, and of course it’s ever dependable performance.

Unfortunately, the implementation of BS6 regulations has seen motorcycle manufacturers scrambling to comply with the new emission standards, as well as updating their existing fleet of motorcycles in the process.

Alas, the Bajaj Pulsar is yet again on the receiving end of a price hike due to the BS6 standard. All Pulsars have gone up in price from anywhere between Rs 999 and Rs 1,498. Now, granted, this price increase may not seem like much. However, when taking into consideration the target market that these motorcycles are focused towards, it goes without saying that this demographic will definitely feel the slight pinch of this price increase.

Bajaj Pulsar Promo Shot

Going into more detail, the entry level Pulsar 125 is now priced starting at Rs 72,122 for the base model, all the way to Rs 80,218 for the top of the line variant. The Pulsar 150, lauded for its affordable price tag and decent performance has also crossed the hundred-thousand mark, with the disc brake variant.

Moving up the displacement ladder, the Pulsar 180F and 220F see their sticker prices rise to Rs 1.13 lakh and Rs 1.23 lakh, respectively. Granted, of course these bikes are a bit long in the tooth however these bikes are well loved for their bang for the buck performance and dependability.

Lastly, the 200cc flagship models in the form of the NS200 naked street bike as well as its fully faired sibling, the RS200, weren’t spared from the price hike. The NS200 is now priced at Rs 1.31 lakh—now at par with TVS’s Apache 200 4V, which undoubtedly comes equipped with more premium parts and features.

The RS200, on the other hand, now goes for Rs 1.52 lakh—the dearest of the lot. With the RS200 now crossing the 1.5 lakh mark, it’s beginning to get a bit closer in terms of price to its distant, albeit much more premium relative, the KTM RC 200.


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