If you're the kind of rider who rides all year ‘round in any kind of weather, you already know how valuable it is to be able to easily layer up or down. When it’s hot, you want layers you can take off and quickly stow away, with as little fuss as possible. If it gets rainy or dark, you want waterproof and/or reflective layers you can pull on over your existing gear at a moment’s notice. 

That’s why Triumph just launched its Riding Essentials line. Featuring base, mid, and top layers for various riding conditions, the one quality that ties them all together is their packability. Even if you have panniers, top boxes, tail packs, and tank bags aplenty, space is always at a premium on a bike.  

The Riding Essentials line consists of clothing for four different purposes. Reflect gear, as the name plainly states, bounces light back toward its source rather than dispersing it. That makes it more likely that other vehicles in your area will see you when you wear it. Meanwhile, Hi-Viz gear is made with fluorescent materials that react with sunlight. Sun makes them look brighter, ensuring that you get seen on bright days, too. It also works particularly well in wet and foggy conditions, when the weather is wet.  

Triumph Riding Essentials - Base Layer Shirt
Triumph Riding Essentials - Rain Suit

Speaking of wet and foggy conditions, that brings us to the Storm Guard line. These are Triumph’s waterproof pieces, featuring something called TriTech technology and seams with heat-sealed tape to keep you dry.  

What about staying toasty while you’re also dry and/or visible to oncoming traffic, you wonder? That’s where Triumph’s Base Layers come into play. Much like the name tells you, the function of pieces in this line is to keep you warm and dry, wicking away sweat and moisture from your skin to keep you comfortable. Since riders are exposed to both the elements and speed, maintaining your core temperature is pretty important, especially when it gets cold out.  

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To find out more about any of Triumph’s Riding Essentials, or to purchase, you can check out the entire collection online. They’re also available at Triumph dealerships. 

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