What if I told you that you (yes, you) could have an electric Honda Super Cub under your holiday tree this year? OK, not so fast. The CSC Monterey, as you may have spotted, is not an electric Honda Super Cub, but it definitely wishes it was. 

We’ve written about CSC’s affordable motorcycles in the past. The California-based importer brings over a few models of bikes from Chinese manufacturer Zongshen, and has a selection of both electric and piston-powered offerings. The Monterey scooter is the latest two-wheeler to join its lineup, and it’s easily the most friendly-looking model they currently offer. I mean, how could it not be when its influence is that obvious?  

We haven’t gotten our hands on one of these, so we have no idea what they’re like to ride, or what fit and finish is like up close. The photos look great, but don’t tell you much about what it’s like to live with one of these on a daily basis. Still, for an MSRP of $1,995, it’s probably a lot easier to convince someone to take a chance on this scoot.  

CSC Monterey - Yellow
CSC Monterey - White

To be clear, this is very much an around-town vehicle. Top speed is a claimed 32 mph, and max torque is 88 ft-lbs. Range is anywhere between 20 and 65 miles, depending on the usual variables. Battery is a 60V26Ah unit, and power is provided by a 2.4kW brushless motor.  

Vehicle weight is listed as a math problem. Consult the specs, and you’ll see that the battery weighs 20 pounds. Meanwhile, further down, listed vehicle weight without the battery is 158 pounds. Putting the two together gives you a total vehicle weight of 178 pounds, which apparently was simply too much effort for this spec sheet to do for you. It seems like the kind of situation where a person writing the sheet thought they were being clever, but the end result looks like they were trying to hide something. 

Anyway, max load weight is 300 pounds, including the rider and any passenger or added stuff they want to cart around. It rides on 17-inch wheels, has LED lights, an unexciting conventional and nonadjustable suspension, and drum brakes all around. It’s cute in photos, but is it any good to ride? We have no idea, but we hope you’ll let us know if you try it.


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