Let’s say you really like the angular, minimalist look of Droog Moto’s DM-016 and DM-017 E-Fighters, but you just wish they were smaller. Pocket-sized, even. Oh, and you want them piston-powered instead of electric. Say no more, fam—the DM-018 Mini Fighter is here to maximize your minimalist motorcycling dreams.  

As usual, Droog Moto builds every one of the DM-018s to order, according to extremely customizable individual rider specs. Its beating heart comes from a Kawasaki Z125 Pro, but practically everything else is customized for aesthetic and ergonomic purposes.  

From a new exhaust (for which the engine has, of course, been tuned) to a new tank, custom LED lighting, and a new suspension, Droog left just about no stones unturned in its quest to make this bike a tiny everyday weapon. Prospective owners can also choose from more road-oriented or off-road oriented rubber, depending on where you most frequently plan to deploy your new pocket rocket.  

Droog Moto DM-018 Mini Fighter - Tank and Dash Right-Side View

If you purchase a Mini Fighter, just about everything can be dialed in to fit your needs. From seat height to adjustable suspension setup, Droog builds and equips each DM-018 with as much attention and care as with its full-sized bikes.  

Gallery: Droog Moto DM-018 Mini Fighter

The DM-018 Mini Fighter will set you back a considerably un-mini price of $25,000. It’s a smaller amount than its big siblings run, but it’s by no means pocket change. Still, if you want a stock Z125 Pro, then that’s what you’d buy. Custom bikes and experiences are always about far more than just the cost of components, or even time. They’re about an entire experience, taken as a whole—and one that extends for the time you’re a custodian of that bike. Ultimately, it’s entirely up to you whether that’s a ride you want to take. 

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