Well, that didn’t take long. In a December, 2020 interview, Norton Motorcycles interim CEO John Russell said that Commandos would soon be coming. At the time, Russell said that most would go to customers who’d placed deposits under the previous administration. He then added that there may be a few left over that will be sold to new customers. 

On December 10, 2020, Norton Motorcycles issued an official statement regarding the upcoming Commando production. The photo you’re now seeing is also the new Norton administration's official imagery for the upcoming bike.  

“When Norton was acquired by TVS Motor Company, there was a select number of Norton enthusiasts who had placed orders and paid deposits for 961-engined bikes. Norton is not obliged to fulfil these orders but is fully committed to its customers and values their trust more than anything,” Russell began his statement.  

“Norton will be building a limited quantity of Commando Classic bikes and offering these bikes to those customers who had ordered and paid a deposit for a 961-engined bike. This very special edition of bikes will be built by Norton’s experts at its new facility and supplied to customers once any outstanding balance has been paid. The team at Norton are respectful custodians of the Norton brand and feel privileged to build such special bikes for such loyal and supportive customers,” Russell’s statement concludes. 

While the holidays are undoubtedly a little weird for everyone this year, at least those Norton customers who placed deposits on Commando 961s under the previous administration have something to look forward to. It’s not clear at this point exactly when in 2021 they can expect to take delivery of their long-awaited bikes, but just the reassurance that they’re actually coming within a reasonable period of time must be a bit of a relief. Here’s hoping the finished bikes live up to, or even exceed, expectations. 

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