At the beginning of November, 2020, Norton Motorcycles interim CEO John Russell talked about the reborn company’s immediate future. Among the most salient bits was that manufacturing was moving to a new facility in Solihull in January, 2020. Also, the Commando was on its last legs. Since the model name has such history with Norton, he said, it would probably return at some yet-to-be-determined point down the line. 

As of December, 2020, Russell spoke to MCN and said that the Commandos to fulfill outstanding orders would be the first bikes off the line in the new factory. New year, new Nortons. Better still, for anyone who didn’t put down a deposit with the old administration, Russell said there should be a few extras. A total of 40 Commandos will roll off the line, and Norton plans to sell any extras to new customers. 

Then, it’s on to the unfulfilled V4s—and after that come the two new Atlases

“[Atlas] still needs some development and we will be sourcing some of the components from different suppliers. It’s a bike that has the right weight and riding position to suit the less experienced and those wanting a bike without too much drama,” Russell told MCN

"That should see us through the next 18 months and then we will start looking at new opportunities. We want Norton to be quintessentially British. Self-assured, sturdy, an Aston Martin rather than a Ferrari. We want there to be substance and we won’t just be sticking Union Jacks everywhere. We want to make great products that just so happen to be British and they will be manufactured in Britain. But we won’t always be buying British parts. The motorcycle industry is multi-national and you can’t always get the best tech in the UK,” he added. 

You may not get a new Norton for the 2020 holidays, but it looks like that may be a possibility for the 2021 holiday season. If you’re interested, that gives you plenty of time to plan all the important logistics, like where you’re going to fit it in your place, and whether your roommate will complain very much when a shiny new British bike takes up three-quarters of your tiny kitchen. 

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