Illegal riders in Yorkshire, beware. The rozzers are ready. The North Yorkshire Police has announced the formation of a new specialized motorcycle unit, equipped with the Honda CRF250L and officers who know how to use them.

Motorcycles are great for work, but a fair criticism of the typical police Harleys used in the US is that they are not well suited for leaving the pavement. Suspects know this and will try to flee somewhere an 800-pound Road King can't go. Motorcycle cops receive extensive training and handle these big machines extremely well, even off-road. That's no substitute for the proper equipment, though. The CRF weighs less than half as much as a Road King. In the hands of a skilled rider, it can go just about anywhere.


This unit will primarily focus on "anti-social behavior" and crime associated with motorcycles, mainly illegal off-road riding. They can also get to places no other police vehicle can, which will help with search and rescue operations as well as deterring rural and wildlife crime. I imagine they'll be useful for much more than that, too. Remember the CHiPs movie, where Ponch and Jon ditched their usual bikes in favor of Ducati Hypermotards? They could tackle the urban wilderness just as well as remote trails. So, too, will the North Yorkshire Police, even if the CRF250L isn't quite as flashy.

There will always be a place for the Harleys, BMWs, and Kawasakis typically used for police work. They are much faster than dual-sports, and police need that speed on the street. When the chase leaves the road, though, as it so often does, the CRF250L will be an excellent tool to keep the chase going, no matter where it goes. Helicopters can always track the suspects, but you have to physically get to them to apprehend them.

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