Riders are making it happen.

Cautious optimism seems to be working out for motorcycle and scooter sales in at least two countries. Both India and Italy saw modest growth in November 2020 bike sales across multiple segments. That’s compared with both previous months in 2020, and also year-on-year. Hey, even slow upward movement is better than the alternative, right? 

Over in Italy, motorcycles and scooter sales and registrations in November grew by 18.7 percent over 2019. That includes all types of motorcycles and scooters, in all displacements. As Omnimoto writer Luca Sabatini noted, if we were only counting two-wheelers over 50cc in displacement, the growth would be closer to 20 percent. Electric options fared a massive 95 percent better than in November 2019, and definitely seem to be picking up as time charges forward. 

Meanwhile, in India, motorcycle and scooter sales picked up for most manufacturers across the spectrum. The country usually sees an uptick in vehicular sales more generally through the festive season of Diwali. While 2020’s was perhaps not as great a gain as OEMs may have hoped, the numbers were still largely positive, and point toward a steady recovery since the advent of the COVID-19 era. 

November 2020 India Motorcycle Sales

As the world continues to grapple with the ongoing pandemic in various ways, so too will motorcycle and scooter sales likely shift accordingly. One thing’s for sure: as and where people are in the position to do so, two-wheeled individual transport makes an awful lot of sense as a practical consideration, not just for fun. Of course, in times like these, having a bit of fun with your practicality is definitely a welcome change.  

Historically, motorcycles and scooters have made an important difference to many countries in times of crisis. Technological shifts may be underway, but there’s no denying that two-wheelers still have a vital role to play.