At the beginning of 2020, RevZilla and Cycle Gear parent company Comoto Holdings added J&P Cycles to its portfolio. While to us, that already seemed like a big move to make in the industry, Comoto wasn’t done expanding just yet.   

On November 14, 2020, the group announced it now added REVER to its family. REVER is a motorcycle-focused app that allows the rider not only to map their route, but also to discover new paved, mixed surfaces, and dirt roads. Riders can also enter local riding challenges, join riding communities, and more. The app also allows riders to explore routes mapped out by the team at Backcountry Discovery and even by the REVER staff itself.   

Having used it myself, it’s a great tool to have when you want to remember that amazing road you took that one day, or when you’re looking for a riding crew.   

Comoto and REVER already teamed up in June, 2020, for The Ride is Calling Charity Campaign that encouraged riders to map their trip while raising funds for three motorcycle organizations.   

REVER will continue to act as a distinct brand but will benefit from all the advantages of belonging to a group on the development front. There is no say what the next steps will be for the app and its new owner, but the excitement for what the future holds seems mutual.   

“One of Comoto’s core values is to ‘Share the Road,’ a commitment to putting people first,” Comoto Holding CEO Ken Murphy wrote in the press release. “With the addition of REVER, we now have the opportunity to literally do this--to help people share their favorite roads with their fellow riders.”  

“We are thrilled to welcome the talented team from REVER to Comoto,” he later wrote. “Our mission is to serve the rider, fuel the industry, and inspire the community, and it’s clear that REVER was founded with a similar purpose in mind. The inclusion of REVER into the Comoto Family of Brands platform further advances our mission and opens up an entirely new set of strategic opportunities to better serve riders.” 

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