If you're a fan of motorcycle history and frequent museums and exhibits featuring classic motorcycles and custom builds, I'm pretty sure the pandemic has left you at wits end longing for the day you could set foot inside another show or exhibit. Luckily for you, The Museum of Craft and Design (MCD) in San Francisco has launched an online tour of MOTO MMXX.

Moto MMXX At The Museum Of Craft And Design

Initially slated to launch in May of this year, the COVID-19 pandemic all but thwarted these plans, pushing the exhibit's launch date a whole nine months later, to January of next year. That being said, MCD is well aware of its patrons who double as motorcycle enthusiasts, as they have launched an incredibly detailed virtual tour of MOTO MMXX. The exhibit features motorcycles from all around the world, and showcases international builders, concept bikes, sketches, and renderings of prototype motorcycles. The exhibit seeks to put the creative process behind creating a motorcycle in the limelight. 

The live exhibit will feature Hugo Eccles as a guest curator, to provide guests a glimpse behind the scenes of the creative process in designing custom motorcycles. Highlighting the design and craft of the builders is the main ethos of the exhibit, and Eccles, an industrial designer and renowned custom motorcycle builder, is the perfect person to give visitors the perfect viewpoint for this stunning art form. For those who don't know who Hugo Eccles is, he is the co-founder and director of Untitled Motorcycles, a design company that builds custom bikes for brands like Ducati, Triumph, Yamaha, and Zero. 

Moto MMXX At The Museum Of Craft And Design

When the actual exhibit launches in January, the MCD has assured the public that various safety protocols have been set in place to ensure that patrons get to enjoy all the exhibit's attractions in maximum safety. Part of these safety precautions include sanitation stations as well as signages and markers that reinforce social distancing. Of course face masks will be mandatory upon entrance into the museum, and violators will be promptly denied entry. 

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