True to form, when Honda teases a new model, it doesn’t half-ass it. In 2019, Team Red published a series of teaser videos leading up to the launch of the new Africa Twin, and the company is now gearing up to do the same for the new Forza 750.   

As expected, Honda released a third video teasing its new maxi-scooter. This time, we get our first proper look at the model.   

The Forza flagship is going to replace the current Integra 750 in Honda’s European lineup. While we have yet to get a confirmation of this, we also expect the new model to introduce a new Euro 5-friendly 750 engine that should eventually also make its way in the X-ADV and NC.   

While the previous teaser revealed some of the features we will likely see on the model’s list of equipment, this time, we get to see the scooter almost in full. The silhouette revealed in the teaser seems to be at the halfway point between the other Forza scooters and the Integra it replaces.

Honda Forza 750 Teaser 3

The biggest difference between the two lines is in the shape of the frame. While neither model is a proper step-through, the separation between the legs on the Integra is much taller and almost motorcycle-like. On the Forza, the well between the shield and the saddle is deeper and more defined.  

The new model’s design is aligned with the Forza 350 revealed earlier this year with the sculptural shield, but also borrows a few stylistic cues from the outgoing Integra, including the shape of the frame and the exposed engine cover.   

Other notable clues include an inverted front fork suspension, auxiliary lighting integrated into the front of the fairing, and what looks like a model-specific headlight cluster design.   

The new Honda Forza 750 is set to debut on October 14, 2020, at which point we’ll learn more about scooter flagship.   

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