There’s something both calming and reassuring about a good making-of video—and that goes double if it doesn’t have a distracting voiceover. Give me simple sounds of an electric screwdriver tightening things into place, or factory robots quietly whisking the nascent motorcycle along the factory floor to the next build station. 

That’s exactly what you get with this short glimpse inside Honda’s Kumamoto factory. Take a peek and you’ll see the Africa Twin line building a seemingly endless stream of bikes. It all starts with that parallel twin, which is appropriate since it’s the beating heart of the beast. You’ll see the engine come together bit by bit as it rolls from station to station, guided by that little robotic track that keeps every unit moving. 

If I have a minor quibble with this video, it’s that I wish we spent slightly more time at each station. The way it’s currently edited feels slightly disjointed. It might also have been nice to follow one single bike as it gathers all its pieces and comes together at the end. Still, for those of us who haven’t spent time on an Africa Twin assembly line, it’s cool to see how it all comes together. 

It’s not quite as cool as watching this S 1000 RR full making-of documentary, but it’s up there. If your interests are similar to mine, those two things could even share a playlist together of choice “how it’s made” motorcycle videos. Maybe it’s not as fun as actually riding your bike, but you have to take a break some time, don’t you? Videos full of ambient noise like this, with no voiceovers, also work very well as background noise while you’re doing other things. 

What are your favorite making-of videos? If you know of any particularly excellent ones you think we should see, please let us know in the comments—and thanks in advance if you do. 

Source: YouTube 

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