The two key ingredients to a good build video are: Spend most of your time showing the actual build process—hopefully making good editing choices along the way—and don’t let your music bed interfere with the actual sounds of building. Your opinion on these matters might differ, of course, but that’s the baseline of what I want in a build video I’m going to enjoy. 

Luckily for both me and you, Doctor DS posted this excellent build video on YouTube, where he just low-key made a functional motorcycle using car tires, a go-kart engine, and a whole lot of on-the-fly welding skills. It’s half an hour long, but it’s a half hour well-spent. It’s almost oddly soothing, in a way.

Maybe you grew up watching all those great old making-of videos, like the one where Mr. Rogers showed everyone how crayons are made. Those were always my favorites as a kid, so it makes total sense that build videos like this would be kind of comforting as an (alleged) adult. What’s great is that Doctor DS doesn’t mess around. He knows it’s a video, so he shows you exactly what he’s doing each step of the way—instead of telling you about what he’s going to do for 25 minutes and then only actually building for the final four. 

The brake rotors he uses seem almost comically small as compared to the car wheels—but the frame he builds in front of you as you watch can’t weigh all that much, and a 208cc Ducar go-kart engine like that has to weigh around 40 pounds or so. So, they seem more reasonable in context. At the end, once he gets the whole thing together, you also get the satisfaction of seeing him hop on it and ride it out of his workshop. 

No clue what kind of range one could expect on his final build, nor whether he plans to do any further work to it—but it’s an impressive achievement, regardless. Plug some headphones in and take a look over lunch—or whenever you have half an hour and just want to watch some guy with impressive skills build something out of nothing.

Source: YouTube

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