Is it softening the blow ahead of the Meteor 350 launch?

It’s currently September, 2020, and Royal Enfield just raised the Classic 350’s price for the second time this year. While it’s true that BS6 price hikes across brands were expected, both of the Classic 350’s price hikes so far have been on the new BS6-compliant version. 

Both the single- and dual-channel ABS versions are seeing a price increase of Rs. 1,837, which works out to about $25. According to Zigwheels, the most current BS6 Classic 350 price increase reflects a Rs. 16,000 increase over the BS4 one—or around $218.  

Perhaps this news would be a little easier to take if some type of upgrade was at least partly responsible for the increase. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, as zero changes of either a cosmetic or mechanical nature have taken place. As GaadiWaadi points out, Enfield is hardly alone in hiking the prices of its BS6 models, with other OEMs undertaking the same strategy across the board. 

The Meteor 350 is expected to launch sometime later in 2020, with speculation that it may happen during the Diwali festive season. We don’t yet know how that model will be priced in comparison to the Classic 350 or any other of the current bikes in Enfield’s lineup. Could the company have pre-emptively hiked this price strategically to keep it in line with whatever it’s planning for the Meteor 350? We may never know for sure, but it’s a possibility.  

In any case, color options and your choice of single- or dual-channel ABS on the Classic 350 remains the same. An updated version of the Classic 350 is expected to come sooner rather than later—and of course, it won’t be any surprise if that sees yet another price increase when it finally hits showrooms. 

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