In August, 2020, we told you that Peugeot planned to unveil its updated Metropolis three-wheeler in September. Just as surely as kittens eventually grow up to be cats, this little lion is growing and changing right before your eyes—and the new 2020 Peugeot Metroplis is now ready to stalk those city streets. 

When designing this updated scoot, Peugeot took its lion mascot wholly to heart, adding suggestions of canine teeth for the daytime running lights up front, as well as hints of bright red claw slashes in shaping the taillights. Stare at this three-wheeler from the front, and you’ll see the face of a lion start to emerge. Overall impressions are a bit more aggressive than the outgoing model, but whether you like this styling update or not is, as all styling changes are, largely a subjective call. 

Dig down a bit into what’s under the new styling, and the 2020 Metropolis is powered by Peugeot’s updated PowerMotion 400cc Euro 5 single-cylinder, which produces a claimed 35.6 horsepower and 38.1 Nm (or 28.1 ft.-lbs) of torque. Top speed is rated at 135 kmh, or just under 89 mph. Curb weight is 280 kilograms, or just over 617 pounds. Since it’s a three-wheeler, it is at least a bit more of a challenge to drop than a two-wheeler would be, right?  

Gallery: 2020 Peugeot Metropolis

At any rate, the new Metropolis is available in your choice of four colors: snow white, midnight blue, Amazonite satin blue, or sideral mat black. A raft of accessories—including a cover designed to fit the unique shape of this three-wheeled big cat—is also available. MSRP is €9,699, or about $11,508 in France. Although the previous version of the Metropolis is available in other markets, it’s unclear what pricing and availability will be like outside of France—although that information will likely become clear in the not-too-distant future. 

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