Only in Europe for now, but will it come to the U.S.?

Now that the 2021 Yamaha Ténéré 700 is here, owners have two things to do: ride it, and maybe accessorize it. For some riders, the fact that the Ten7 is basically a blank slate is an important selling point, because then you don’t have to remove a bunch of unwanted stuff before you bolt the stuff you do want on.  

That’s why Yamaha Europe introduced its new Ténéré 700 black accessories line. Right now, it’s just six pieces—but they’re all sure to bring both style and substance to your T7, should you decide to fit any or all of them. You know what’s cool about black as an accessories color? It goes with everything! 

First, there’s an Akrapovič titanium slip-on exhaust to add a little sound sophistication to your ride. On the purely protective side, there’s a blacked-out chain guard, as well as a blacked-out 4mm aluminum skid plate. While it’s true that different riders have different opinions about skid plates, it’s always nice to have another option to choose from when you’re shopping for engine protection for your new two-wheeled baby. 

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Want to carry your stuff with you on your adventure? Yamaha has you covered there, too. There’s a new toolbox that mounts to your skid plate, which can not only fit Yamaha’s metric tool kit (sold separately), but also apparently has room a little more stuff, as well. To carry plenty of other stuff on your journey, Yamaha’s Explorer Pack side cases are available in black, as well. They feature aluminum construction and 37 liters of carrying capacity in each one. You can also install a key cylinder that matches your Ten7 key to keep things simple. Be aware that these side cases aren’t waterproof; if you want something that is, you’ll need to either choose different cases, or else pack a waterproof bag inside your Explorer Pack side case.  

It’s unclear when or if the U.S. will see these blacked-out accessories over on this side of the pond, but here’s hoping. 

Source: Yamaha Europe 

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