As motorcycle owners, we sadly don’t all have access to a garage: many of us have to deal with the reality (and the stress) of leaving our precious rides outside. Thankfully, there are some portable storage options for those among us who have space for it.   

One of the latest additions to the list of options is French Falco Constructions Bois’ new product, the  Inno’Kub’s portable which, in our opinion, offers one of the most elegant designs out there.   

The kind of “garage” Falco Constructions Bois has to offer is a cross between a modern cabin and a tiny showroom for your bike. The design is straightforward—an 8.5 x 7.4 x 4.46 feet wood structure covered in wood paneling that features a big, bright window that allows you to showcase your pride and joy (provided you don’t mind people knowing what’s inside the box, or else we encourage the use of curtains).   

Inno'Kub Portable Garage
Inno'Kub Portable Garage

The “Basic” entry-level model, priced at €3,990 (US$4,700) comes with a self-supporting class 4 wood slab, Douglas fir paneling, an aluminum ramp to roll the bike into the garage, laminate flooring, a wooden door with a dual anchor point lock, and an ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) membrane roof you can turn into a living roof. Space might be a bit tight depending on how big your bike is, but this also gives you an opportunity to work on the motorcycle in a cozy environment.   

The €4,990 (US$5,900) “Basic +” model is slightly bigger (longer and wider), giving the owner more space should they want to work on the bike from the comfort of their little garage. As for the top-of-the-line “Confort” model, it’s a two-level unit with a set of stairs that allows the owner to turn their portable garage into a proper “bike cave” and store their tools and equipment should they choose to. The flagship model is priced at €14,990 (US$17,700).   

One thing is for sure—chances are that your new portable garage will look sleeker than the house or building you live in. This is one cool-looking way to protect your bike from the elements and showcase it all at the same time. We reached out to the company to figure out if its products can be delivered outside of France but have yet to hear back. We’ll report back for those of you who are interested.   

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