Camping is pretty popular in the States. While some like the comfort of a proper RV, others prefer the raw experience of sleeping on the ground with roots poking through and the smell of campfire coffee. Camping on a bike adds an extra level of difficulty because you can’t pack a motorcycle the same way you do a car—that’s when “Packing Light for Dummies” comes in handy! For all the nature lovers out there who also can’t bear the thought of their two-wheel baby ending up covered in tree sap or exposed to the elements, we found the tent for you! It’s a garage on the go.

Heading to the woods

Vuz specializes in motorcycle travel accessories including waterproof gear, luggage, and bike covers. Turns out, it also sells a three-people tent complete with its own garage. The 12-foot long temporary habitat provides the usual sleep in cabin for you and a covered “garage” with an entrance on three sides. Zip the sides shut and everything you hold dear is hidden away from prying eyes—by prying eyes, we mean bears and coyotes. You can access the living (sleeping?) space through the garage.

The tent is made from waterproof 190T polyester and B3 mesh material (we hope so, or else camping can really suck, really quick) and is rated for three seasons—we’ll take a guess that winter isn’t one of them. The tent fits in a compact bag. It’s like a paper map, you just have to figure out how to fold it back like it used to be and it will fit neatly. The total weight of the lodging is 13.7 lb, not exactly light, but not too bad considering you get sleeping for four (including the bike).

Summer might be over but the real camping enthusiasts will take full advantage the warm days and cool nights of fall to take in a few more breaths of fresh air. After all, every reason is a good reason to pack the bike, jump in the saddle, and head for the woods!

The Vuz Moto 12-foot waterproof tent is on sale at Amazon for $249.99 right now.

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