The best of both worlds with little to no compromise

It's too bad we don't get Citroën in the States. The French automaker recently launched a perfectly retro little camper called the Type H WildCamp that would get any camping enthusiast's seal of approval. If you enjoy the whole kumbaya communion with nature thing but would also like to have a chance to go on two-wheel adventures while making as little compromise as possible, Citroën has a little something right up your alley. It's called The Jumper Bike Solution.

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Based on the retro Type H WildCamp, the Jumper is a big, spacious, fully-equipped camper that sleeps up to four people and is capable of securing and hauling up to two bikes at the same time. You don't have to compromise between riding and heading for the woods anymore.

The Jumper includes a little kitchenette and the awning creates extra headroom for the loft-like berth that comfortably sleeps two adults. Another bed located in the cargo area can be lifted up and tucked away, which creates the space to receive your precious two-wheel cargo.

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All the space plus two bikes—how awesome is that?

There's plenty of storage for the essentials such as food or tools. Lots of tools. This camper is also a great solution to travel with your bike to the races—I know a lot of amateur racers that would have a use for the Jumper. You also don't have to use the vehicle as a camper at all and turn it into a garage on wheels for your bike. It can also be gutted and turned into a standard multipurpose cargo van. The possibilities are endless.

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The Jumper, which looks remarkably like a Sprinter (which isn't a bad thing), runs on a 157 horsepower diesel engine and even features onboard navigation for when smartphones are out of reach. The Jumper is expected to be priced a little over $50,000—not exactly cheap. Our weekends could become a whole lot more interesting should the Citroën Jumper Bike Solution become available on this side of the pond. Until then, we can dream a little of all the adventures we would go on.

Source: New Atlas, Citroën

The pop-top and side awning make for a pretty spacious and versatile vehicle.
Citroen is definitely cribbing from Mercedes here. We're not complaining.
That low deck and the big barn doors make bike loading a breeze.
The interior beds can fold down to make one big one.
With the bikes out, there's definitely a lot of room for activities.
The Jumper's interior is pretty airy all things considered.
Those bikes aren't going anywhere.

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