It came from ze fazerland...

For those riders without a garage—or a good shed—storing a motorcycle can be a real nightmare. Just leaving your bike sitting at the curb invites all sorts of trouble—damage, theft, etc.—not to mention leaving the machine exposed to the elements to be rained on, snowed on, and slowly degraded by UV light. A German company seems to have solved the bike storage problem with a small, versatile, secure "bike shed" called BikeBOX24.

So, what's BikeBOX24? According to the company's website, it's an "Innovative garage for sophisticated motorcycle-, quad- and e-bike-riders as well as electro scooter". Basically, it's a big plastic box with a lock on it you can store your bike in. While that's concise, it's kind of selling the product short. 


Made from various, high-tech, automotive-grade plastics (PMMA Multilayer and Senosan AM50, to be precise), BikeBOX24 is a sturdy and weatherproof "garage" you can put nearly anywhere. There are two sizes—standard and XL—each equipped with a stout lock, aluminum and galvanized steel reinforcements, heavy-duty telescoping pistons for opening and closing, waterproof ventilation holes, and a sturdy waterproof floor. To use you simply ride up, open the box, put the bike inside (using the included front wheel chock to secure it), and button it up. The structure can be permanently installed or left portable so you can move it around if needs be. The company even sells a trailer that you can mount BikeBox to so you can haul your bike around in safety.


BikeBOX24 looks like a pretty neat idea for people who live in crowded areas, apartment buildings, or in houses without garages (the horror). It'd fit nicely under a carport or in a backyard, and it seems pretty sturdy and secure from the looks of it. If you'd like to know more, check out the website. It's not entirely clear if you can get BikeBOX24 here in The States, but if you're over on The Continent, you're good to go.

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