We've seen electric motorcycles of all shapes and sizes over the past couple of decades. From high performance sportbikes to friendly commuter scooters, these electric two-wheelers don't really detract much from their gasoline powered counterparts. Yes, some of them are loaded with tons of tech ranging from sophisticated regenerative braking to Bluetooth connectivity, but these bikes still fall within the socially accepted definition of what a motorcycle is. One company currently based in the Czech Republic, however, dares to think outside the box—by putting the rider inside a box—well, sort of. 

MonoRacer 130E Prototype

As it would turn out, Arnold Wagner, a pioneer, constructor, and inventor colloquially known as the father of modern cabin-motorcycles invented a unique two-wheeled machine wherein the rider is enclosed in a cabin. When stationary, wheels situated on the sides of the motorcycle would fold out, similar to the landing gear of some airplanes. Interestingly, Arnold Wagner has been building and selling his unique machines since 1980. 

Some 40 years hence, he's still at it, but with some massive developments on the platform. Dubbed the MonoRacer 130E, the two-wheeler now features a fully electric motor, and a sleek and streamlined appearance that makes it look like a prop from a futuristic science fiction movie. However, none of it is fiction, as the MonoRacer 130E prototype is expected to attain EU-certification by the end of this month, and begin rolling out to customers in Switzerland starting September. 

The MonoRacer 130E will have a price of €79,500 or the equivalent of $94,333 USD with a two year full guarantee. Optional extras such as door remote control and an additional battery drive the price up to a whopping €90,000 or $106,792 USD. For that kind of money, it's clear that the MonoRacer 130E is meant to be an expensive toy for weekend warriors or motorcycle and tech enthusiasts looking for a unique riding experience. 

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