You can get it as a supermoto as well.

Coming to us all the way from Russia is the EMAX DWX 25. Designed by EMAX Laboratory, the DWX 25 is a fun electric enduro bike designed for leisure off-road riding. Perfect for beginners, the enduro is compact, lightweight, and reliable because of its simplistic design. Although intended mainly for first timers looking to get into the sport of off-road riding, experienced riders can also have a blast ripping around on the DWX 25. 


The underpinnings of this electric enduro consist of an aluminum frame with a honeycomb structure. This leads to reduced weight by way of removing as much material as possible whilst keeping the frame's rigidity and structural integrity. Overall, the frame weighs only 13.2 kg. The electric motor sits very low in the frame, adding to the bike's positive handling characteristics by keeping its center of gravity very low. 

Equipped with a compact, lightweight 4.5 kW/h lithium ion battery, the EMAX DWX 25's electric motor generates 25kW or 33 horsepower instantly. It boasts a range of around 60 miles on a single charge—pretty decent for an offload-designed machine. This makes for an extremely responsive engine feel and rapid acceleration. EMAX Laboratory's engineering team was able to design the engine to be so compact and produce that much power, without the need for additional water cooling. As a result, the overall weight of the bike is only 215 lb. 


An added feature much to the appreciation of beginners would be the bike's two riding modes. Switchable from eco to sport mode, beginners are encouraged to tread lightly via eco mode, while more seasoned riders can experience the bike's instance response and rapid acceleration on sport mode. A GPS sensor is also available which allows the owner to track the location of the bike, as well as switch it on and off remotely. 

The electronics of the motorcycle allows you to set the riding modes “economic” or “sport”. And also thanks to the cooperation of EMAX with component manufacturers, the finest settings of the device are available, which allows, for example, to further limit the power if the rider is completely unfamiliar with motorcycles, but wants to learn. Also, flexible settings are useful for rental vehicles. Additionally, a device with a GPS sensor can be installed, which will allow not only to see the location of your vehicle, but also to turn it off or on remotely. Lastly, the bike also comes in a supermoto variant featuring 17-inch front and rear wheels, for maximum fun on the pavement. Both the EMAX DWX 25 Enduro and Supermoto retail for the equivalent of around $8,000 USD. 

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