When you’re a top-flight international spy, you can do just about anything. Rock an impeccably tailored suit? Check. Croon a beautiful tune onstage and sweep an entire club off its feet? Check. Surreptitiously steal a thumb drive out of a rival’s pocket while flirting with his girlfriend? Duh. Make a quick getaway on a sleek little electric scooter? Icing on the cake, but why not? 

The spy in question is none other than Dom Toretto—er, Vin Diesel. The scoot, however, is one you may not have heard of before. The Yadea G5 is an electric scooter that skews purely futuristic in its design, while still maintaining a certain approachability so as not to scare off any potential customers. The Chinese scooter company has been making two-wheelers since 2001, and business is booming as a direct result of the global pandemic. 

One Shanghai resident—whose family bought four Yadea scooters in 2020 so far—told Bloomberg, “Everyone is afraid of the epidemic. Almost all of us may think, ‘If we need to keep commuting, try not to travel together.’” It’s easy to see why commuting on electric scooters might be ideal, particularly in urban settings where space is at a premium.  

Yadea makes a wide variety of scooters, and the G5 is one of its more premium models. It uses Yadea’s take on a graphene battery, which it says can hit 80 percent of full charge in just an hour. The scoot comes in two variants, the City and the Pro. The City has a single battery setup and a 2300W electric motor, while the Pro has a double-battery setup and a 3100W motor. Both versions come in your choice of five matte colors: white, black, gray, blue, or red. That’s right, Mr. Diesel—the getaway scoot of your dreams DOES come in black.  

The company sells most of its scoots in China, but ships to 77 countries around the world if you simply can’t resist.  

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