In as scooter-happy a land as China, it makes total sense for Segway parent company Ninebot to keep coming up with new ways to keep as many people satisfied as possible. The company introduced its Ninebot eMoped C series in 2019 with its C40, C60, and C80 models. Now, the Xiaomi-owned company just launched the C30.  

It’s just as adorable as its larger-capacity C series siblings, and definitely moves forward with the bright, colorful, round, and friendly design trend seen from other electric scoot manufacturers. The real selling point of this one is how you can pretty much buy it for pocket change, though. If you have a couch you haven’t raided for coins in a while, or especially if you have a coin jar sitting around somewhere, you could probably afford to pick yourself up one of these.  

Well, depending on where you live, anyway—for now, the C30 is only sold in China, although that could change in the future. We do already get its larger siblings in the U.S., so it wouldn’t be too surprising if the C30 tagged along after them.  

Ninebot C30 Riding With A Child

The difference between all the C-series eMopeds is in their names; C40 has a range of around 40 kilometers (or 24.85 miles), C60 can do roughly 60 km (or 37.28 miles), and C80 can handle about 80 km (or 46.6 miles). All three existing C-series scoots have Li-Ion battery packs of different sizes: 15 Ah in the C40, 20 Ah in the C60, and 24 Ah in the C80. It’s not clear what size battery pack the C30 has, except that it will definitely be less capacious. 

Ninebot C30 Spotlight

The C30 MSRP in its home market is just 3,599 yuan, or US $514. A special sale price at launch knocked the price down even further, to 2,999 yuan, or $428. Plenty of smartphones cost more than this eMoped in 2020. That’s kind of wild to think about.  

Ninebot C30 Parked

It’s unclear how the weight will compare to the other C series models, but the C40 and C60 both weigh 116.85 pounds, while the C80 weighs only slightly more, at 121.25 pounds. Presumably, the C30 will weigh about the same or possibly just a little less than the C40 and C60. Top speed on all C series eMopeds is 15.53 mph, which is fine if you’re staying in your neighborhood, particularly if it’s a densely packed urban area and you’re doing loads of stopping, starting, and maneuvering around both stationary and moving obstacles. 

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