If watching the 2020 Ducati Scrambler 1100 Pro and Sport Pro tool around Miami in the company’s January, 2020, launch video didn’t answer all your questions, don’t worry. Ducati made a new video just for you. This time, it’s an augmented reality trip through some of the fine details, guided by Ducati Scrambler brand manager Claudio de Angeli and Ducati Scrambler product manager Rocco Canosa (and his very impressive mustache).  

At first, it looks like the same kind of product video you’ve seen countless times before. To some extent, it is; just with a little bit of a twist. After an introduction by de Angeli, Canosa comes out and begins delving into the specifics of the Pros in earnest. As he speaks, you’ll see holographic overlays of whatever he’s talking about begin to show up, along with short, descriptive captions below each of them. You get a floating 360-degree look at that 1,079cc Desmodue engine, for example—which is nice, but it goes by very quickly. 

Maybe this video tells you more about the Pros than it seems to do at first. Like the bikes themselves, it’s a familiar format to keep you comfortable, only slightly tweaked to make it more contemporary. If you watch until the end, you’ll see that everything except the bikes and the presenters was projected onto a green screen. Does it have a slight bit of added poignance since we’re still all living through a global pandemic? Maybe just a little bit.  

This particular use of augmented reality made me wonder about another thing, though. Historically, video game product tie ins have been pretty terrible and/or unintentionally hilarious. However, with the overwhelming global success of heavily AR-focused mobile games like Niantic’s Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, what if Ducati’s next promotional step was a virtual product showcase?  

I mean, what better way to see a Ducati in your life than to literally see it sitting in your garage or bedroom? It could be gamified for added entertainment, of course. Even without that aspect, though, an in-depth showcase taking you through Ducati’s rich history up to its present models would be pretty fantastic. 

Sources: YouTube, Ducati 

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