That swooping, fluttering feeling you’re having at seeing this unbelievable 1972 Laverda-Egli 750 SF is perfectly normal. In fact, you’ll likely be pleased to note that it perfectly echoes the swooping, fluttering lines of this exquisite custom build by custom shop Stile Italiano. The shop does a lot more than just customization, but it’s work like this that truly sets it apart.  

As Return of the Café Racers wrote, an opportunity to obtain a complete 1972 Laverda 750 SF engine along with an original Egli frame presented itself, and Stile Italiano promptly said “yes, please,” or something very similar. From there, the shop painstakingly tore down and rebuilt the engine, upgrading to Dell’Orto 36 carburetors along the way. It was a personal project, not something taken on for a client, so every choice made reflects that fact. 

An awful lot of custom fabrication went into this build, and it shows. It’s much shorter to give you a list of the things Stile Italiano sourced from elsewhere. That includes: Paioli forks, a Motogadget chronoclassic gauge, LSL two-piece clip-ons, Domino throttle assembly, Brembo master cylinder, Brembo monoblock brakes with Brembo gold-series floating brake discs, Marvik magnesium wheels, a custom-built Virex exhaust, Tarozzi footpegs, and a retro-looking LED taillight sunk deep into the tail cowl.  

Gallery: 1972 Laverda-Egli 750 SF Custom by Stile Italiano

That cleanly sculpted silhouette that immediately catches your attention and refuses to let it go is 100 percent Stile Italiano’s doing. They drew up a breathtaking monococque construction plan, then set to work. There are loads of small touches you might not immediately see, scattered liberally from stem to stern on this beautiful build. Things like custom brackets and milled alloy fasteners made to gracefully accentuate the whole instead of individually drawing attention.  


Finishing moves include suitably curvaceous custom paint work, as well as careful polishing of every alloy part until it gleams. The result is singularly graceful gazelle of a Laverda that seems to flow like the wind, even when it’s at rest. You can find more photos at Return of the Café Racers, because there can’t possibly be too many photos of this bike. 

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