Want to spruce up your Indian FTR1200 and improve its performance at the same time? Roland Sands Design (RSD) has a new accessory line that can help you do both, and it’s based on real-world experience from the RSD Super Hooligan amateur racing series.

RSD is the perfect collaborator for Indian on this line of bolt-on accessories, for three reasons. The two companies have already worked together on similar projects for years, designing factory accessories for Indian’s lineup. RSD’s involvement with the Super Hooligan series also shows it’s committed to the bikes used for this style of racing. Most importantly, Roland Sands himself comes with plenty of race cred—he was the 1998 AMA 250GP National Champion, and he doesn’t want to just build parts that look good. He wants to make bikes faster, too.

That explains why the new FTR1200 accessories mostly have a functional purpose. The wheels are derived from the FTR750 flat tracker, with weight shaved off for sharper handling. The swingarm stand spools allow for easy servicing at the track, and they’re pretty handy for the DIY wrencher as well. The aluminum foot pegs should offer better control and stability, with more surface area and more grip. RSD’s frame sliders will protect the bike in a tipover at the track or on the street, and the handguards will preserve your control levers if you’re banging handlebars at the flat track, or if you drop the bike.

The other parts might not be quite as functional, but they add some bling—and if you take your bike hooligan racing, chances are you’re going to need to buy some replacement bits sooner or later anyway. RSD has new forged aluminum brake and shift levers, along with billet aluminum engine cover and brake fluid reservoir cap, and a set of rubber handlebar grips. Everything’s got the RSD logo boldly displayed, so everyone knows you’re a big spender.

These are official Indian accessories; check in with your local dealership, if you’re looking for more information, or you want to make a purchase.

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