Bengaluru-based motorcycle rental company, Bounce, has partnered with CredR, a company specializing in buying and selling used motorcycles in order to make motorcycles more accessible to the masses in India. Bounce is well known for its online platform which offers various rental subscriptions for its fleet of many types of motorcycles. Rental schemes range from long term rentals, to daily rates, and even outright purchase of their motorcycles.

Bounce prides itself in offering a convenient, affordable, and safe platform for customers to rent bikes for everyday commuting. With strict sanitary protocols in place, Bounce continues to operate despite the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. CredR, on the other hand, offers customers a simple and convenient online platform, as well as physical dealerships for used motorcycles. Operational in eight cities including Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, Delhi-NCR, and Jaipur, the company has over fifty showrooms.

The partnership of the two companies offers even more convenience and flexibility to customers seeking to rent or purchase a used motorcycle. Interested customers can either physically head over to any one of the fifty showrooms, or book their orders through the Bounce app. The service even goes as far as offering doorstep delivery for rented bikes.

The official press statement stated that the partnership is “aimed at providing a wide range of used two-wheelers to consumers with varying budgets and requirements and a step towards expanding the distribution channel, thereby increasing refurbished used two-wheeler accessibility.” CredR chief strategy officer, Sasidhar Nandigam states that apart from partnering with Bounce, their company is also working with other partners to make scooters and different types of motorcycles even more accessible to the masses.

Bounce And CredR Develop Sustainable Motorcycle Rental Business Model In India

Undoubtedly, with times changing consistently given the uncertain global situation, the demands for personal mobility have increased with governments discouraging the use of public transportation systems. Business models that make affordable, convenient, and most importantly safe options for personal transportation accessible to the masses, undoubtedly have countless benefits not just in developing countries like India, but across the globe.

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