The COVID-19 pandemic has been ongoing for more than four months now, and it would appear that all semblance of normalcy has fallen into the abyss of memory. In the motorcycle world, this means track days and races cancelled. Tours and adventures indefinitely postponed. And our bikes left sitting, wasting away in our garages, longing for the day that they could once again run free. The pandemic has had such a deep effect on our lifestyles that it has brought forth the term ‘new normal.’ This refers to the long period of time that lies ahead of us. A time wherein we learn how to minimize exposure to the virus by making massive changes to the way we live.

One New Zealand based company has found an opportunity to bring back a sense of normalcy in the midst of the crisis. With tourism all across the globe taking a massive hit, thousands of people have been longing for the good old days to return in full swing. Unfortunately, this may take much longer than we would like, however there are ways we can still enjoy scenic destinations while keeping safe. Motubikes, a motorcycle rental based out of the Great Barrier Island, is paving the way for tourism in the new normal.

Motubikes, in partnership with UBCO, an electric motorcycle manufacturer, is renting out UBCO 2x2 scooters to tourists seeking a whiff of exploration in the Great Barrier Island. Timothy Allan, CEO of UBCO, expressed that lots of locals are really eager to travel abroad, and yet, have barely even explored local destinations such as the Great Barrier Island.

Motubikes and UBCO Seek To Transform Tourism In The New Normal

Seagar Clarkson, CEO of Motubikes, on the other hand, forecasts a busy spring and summer in the coming months. With the Pandemic still far from over, it’s understandable that people will have a natural apprehension to traveling abroad—even if travel restrictions begin to loosen. This bolsters Timothy Allan’s point in that the coming months would be the perfect time for locals to get more familiar with the destinations in their home country.

Motubikes makes it a priority to ensure that customers are comfortable with the UBCO 2x2 in order to maximize safety and fun. Seager Clarkson, as well as the Motubikes team give advice and lessons to both first time and veteran users. The UBCO’s electric motor means it’s extremely quiet, enabling tourists to experience what nature has to offer without any disruptions.

Motubikes and UBCO Seek To Transform Tourism In The New Normal

In the time of the ‘new normal’, we can expect to see more motorcycle and bicycle tours as opposed to tourist buses and coaches packed with tourists. Not only does this encourage more freedom and adventure, it also ensures that social distancing measures remain in place keeping everyone safe and virus-free.

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