The coronavirus pandemic has shown us some of the ugliest sides of humanity but also some of the nicest. We recently documented how some motorcyclists around the world were stepping up to the plate and helping others while certain manufacturers were donating equipment to hospitals to help the medical teams. 


 After the initial scramble caused by the explosion in the number of cases and the mandatory lockdowns, companies have started turning into the helpers we need. The latest one to join the movement is gear-maker Dainese 


While the number of cases in the U.S. has surpassed those of any other countries, Italy still has the highest death toll in the world. Italian medical facilities are struggling to keep up with the population’s needs to the point of having to prioritize certain patients over others.  


After Moto Morini, Brembo, and Pirelli, Dainese has now stepped in and took the crowdfunding road to try and help. The manufacturer launched an online campaign on GoFundMe with the goal to gather €200,000 for the Protezione Civile which is the Italian department of emergency management. As we write this, in three days, the campaign has received over half of its target. If you wish to contribute a little something, you will find Dainese’s campaign here 


If you'd like to be more involved in our neck of the woods, there are a number of charities and organizations gathering funds in relation to COVID-19. For instance, patients who have suffered from the virus and have healed are invited to have their plasma tested for antibodies and potentially to donate blood which could help people currently suffering from the illness 


Organizations such as MedShare, the American Red Cross, Alight, or Direct Relief are gathering funds to provide hospitals and healthcare centers with such necessities as personal protective equipment (PPE), hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies. Other like Save the Children, Heart to Heart International, and Partners in Health focus their efforts on trying to limit the spread of the virus and providing vulnerable patients with cares.  


The site Charity Navigator lists a slew of charities involved in the fight against the coronavirus so you can choose where you would like to send your money. If you have spare PPE, masks, hand sanitizer, or cleaning products you would like to donate, you can also contact your local hospitals, they will inform you on the donation process.  


To everyone who chooses to be part of the solution, thank you! 

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